Friday, May 27, 2011

Glitter, glitter ... everywhere!

I've always been a fan of glitter, which is kind of odd being that I'm not a total girly girl. I have been coveting Martha Stewart's glitter collection for a long time. While visiting the craft store the other day to get supplies for my friend's chair, I decided to indulge in a glitter kit. Seriously, I cannot express my sheer joy and delight in holding all this fabulous glitter!

I had specific plans for one glitter project. Awhile ago, I picked up this silver picture clip thingy from a thrift store. I love stars, and I am always immediately drawn to them. However, I felt like this little gem could use some pizazz -- a pop of color, the sparkle of glitter, something more ...

So with a dab of mod podge and some colorful glitter ... BAM! I looooove it. I especially adore the glitter I used on the bottom piece. I believe it's called hematite - a sparkly black and silver color.

After this little creation, I was totally hooked. I wanted to glitter EVERYTHING! Seriously. So here are a few more things that landed under the glitter wand.

This was a little "E" that I picked up from the flea market a while ago. The finish was a brushed aluminum. It had some scratches, so I felt like glitter would only improve things. And I was right.

These earrings were a steal from Target clearance. They were a muted gold finish, but had a few spots of tarnish that could not be removed. Thank you glitter for making that an issue no more. I can't wait for a reason to wear these new sparklies out.

My advice for the week -- go and get your glitter on!

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