Friday, June 03, 2011

No Sew Toadstool

The theme for Max's nursery is woodland nature -- think owls, toadstools, forest creatures, etc. In my search for inspiration from the internet, I found this tutorial for an adorable toadstool made from small step stools. Then, I remembered that I had a small white step stool that I scored from a thrift store long ago. Bingo! Game on.

I started by cutting some red fabric (corduroy in this case because that's what I had in my stash). I'm going to be honest -- I totally winged this part. I used the stool as my guide and cut the fabric a few inches larger than the stool. You can see how I was very delicate and precise in my cutting.

Next, I began gluing the edges of the fabric to the bottom of the stool. I decided to use hot glue so that I could manipulate the fabric later if I wanted to (which I did so I could get nicer pleats in some areas). After gluing a good portion of the fabric, stuff that toadstool like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Keep stuffing and gluing until you've created your desired shape.

Next, cut circles of white fabric/felt to form the spots of the toadstool. Play around with the placement of these. Decide if you want a more uniform look, or if you prefer various shapes/sizes. Once you've got the pattern down, glue the spots in place.

Once complete, sit back and enjoy your handy work! I still haven't figured out the final placement for this little guy in the nursery, but I know he will make a for a bright and cheery addition no matter where he goes.

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Alicia said...

This is insane amounts of amazing.