Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mum's the word.

I was watching a Martha Stewart Christmas special the other day, and saw an simple and elegant way to spruce up your standard bow. I believe Martha referred to these bows as "mum bows" because they look similar to a beautiful mum flower. I tried to look for a link, but couldn't find one, so I'm making a tutorial for you. It's soooooo easy! Just follow along ...

1. You need some bows. These are fancy $1 store bows. I stuck mainly with the satin finish. If you do a metallic bow, it will expose both sides of the bow (just something to think about).

2. Pick your bow and cut each loop of the bow one time. Then, grab another bow and repeat.

3. Peel off the sticky side of one bows and stick it inside the other snipped bow.

4. Fluff, take a sip of wine, and you're done! A lovely little bow.

5. Add in some embellishments for an extra touch. I placed a simple button and a sparkly vintage brooch on some of mine. Here are a few examples to inspire ...

(I cut one bow, and then left the center bow as is).

Enjoy ...

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