Sunday, November 01, 2009

Update: Craft it Forward

I've made a few more gifts for Craft It Forward, and I wanted to share them with you all. I have so enjoyed making goodies for people I love. I haven't stuck to one particular kind of craft. I'm trying to be inspired by things I already have on hand and something that I feel really speaks to the person I'm making something for. Check out my latest creations ...

The first piece was a necklace I made for one of my friends from college. She is a totally hot surfer chic ... and still is. The small dangling piece actually has some shell bits from the beach where we went to college.

The next piece was an adorable headband/hair piece. My friend always has very stylish do's, so I wanted to make something to accentuate her chicness. I found a plain brown headband and simply glued on some cute turquoise silk fabric flowers. Easy as pie, I tell you!

The final pieces were sent to friends in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington (*hopefully* they all arrived safely). These were some frames I had gotten a while ago at Target. I added some ribbon, vintage jewelry pieces, some rhinestones, and metallic tape to spice them up a bit. Then, I took some images from an Ann Traintor book I had, and KaBOOM! their gift was made.

So far, everyone has really enjoyed their gifts. I better get crackin' though ... the end of the year is quickly approaching and I still have a few more people to scratch off my list!

Happy creating to all ...

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