Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So you had a bad day

All in all, I'd have to say that today just sucked it. Here's a little snippet of a song I made up while moping around this evening -- "I hate today, I'll probably hate tomorrow." Such pity!!

So, in an effort to help lift my spirits a bit, I thought I would share some of my recent "wow, that's totally amazing" inspirations. Hope you enjoy ...

This is just complete genius. A plant stand made from old magazines?? Come on, supercoolness!! You better believe once I pull my head out my heiny, I'll be making one of these. Here's the link for the how-to.

This makes me giddy with delight. A calendar made from bubble wrap!?!?! What is more satisfying than popping bubble wrap? Answer: not much. What a great christmas present -- hint, hint. Find it here if you want to buy it for me, or for yourself.

I can never be sad when I look at something like this ... except perhaps that I'm not actually looking at this masterpiece in real time. If you have never been exposed to Dale Chihuly, then consider yourself schooled! This man is beyond bad@$$. He has been blowing glass since the '60's. You might recognize him if you saw him, he's the artist that sports an eye patch. His work is un-freaking-believable. Jeff and I got to take in a bit of his work when we honeymooned in San Fran -- he had a show at the de Young Museum. What a *treat*! Check out more of his creations here. Oooooh and check out his exhibition schedule to see if he'll be in a town near you!

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be a better one ...

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