Friday, October 23, 2009

Shout out to Cheap Chicks!

A dear friend started a blog called Cheap Chicks, which highlights a wide variety of thrifty finds. She posts great bargains from fashion to food to fabulous getaways! Most recently, she shared how to score a free SNUGGIE. Awesome! So go and check it out ...


Jeanie Campbell said...

Hi! Love your blog - found you through Apron Thrift Girl. When you posted this entry, I went to the Cheap Chicks and followed their link to the free Snuggie. Filled out all the forms, etc., including a valid email address, and well, 8 weeks later I've still not received the Snuggie. Did you get yours??? Wonder if it was a scam?
Happy New Year!!!

Jennifer said...

Jeanie -- My friend and I were just talking about this. We never got a free Snuggie. It might have been a scam. Drat! I'll keep you posted ... and you do the same.

Glad you enjoy the blog!! Thanks and Happy New Year!!