Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Estate Sale? Check.

First, my apologies for such a long break in posting. I've been sick for about 2 1/2 weeks now. My doctor said I had a viral infection that gave way to a bacterial infection. Basically it adds up to feeling like crapola for the last two weeks. But ...

All thanks to a little encouragement from Vintage Rescue Squad, I decided to embark on my first ever estate sale. I skimmed craigslist to find a local sale. Bingo! There was one not too far from the house, in a pretty nice neighborhood, and it had a billiards lamp for sale.

This was the first thing I saw on Saturday morning. What the hell-o am I thinking? But, onward and upward (even if in the dark), with my loving and supportive husband in tow.

We arrived about ten minutes after the sale began, and there were people already leaving the sale! Geesh -- some people are serious. I immediately made a beeline for the "playroom" and spotted the pool table (with a price) and the billiards lamp (without a price). I inquired about the lamp. A nice older gentleman went to ask someone, who asked someone else, who asked someone else -- the lamp was not for sale. DRAT.

Oh well, we had trucked all this way and we were going to make the most of it. We turned around to begin exploring the rest of the room and we both laid eyes on this -- a pristine music cabinet housing a turntable, 8-track player, and stereo.

Price? 20-freaking-dollars. Yes, please. Jeff snagged the ticket and we made our way through the rest of the house. (BTW -- we now possess the ability to play any form of music media. Records, tapes, 8-tracks, cds, ipods -- BRING IT ON!)

The house ended up being in a very nice neighborhood. All the items in the house were in good/great condition -- some of the pieces were unbelievably GORGEOUS!! This made for a mix of prices. Some of the items were very high -- like the full-size headboard for $550. Some of the items were very modestly priced -- as in, all the items I picked up. Here's a snapshot of our bounty.

Mirror tray (I have been looking for one of these), set of 10 glass coasters, plant stand, framed flower pressing, a hand stitched throw pillow, and a nut chopper for my husband.

All in all, I would say this was a great experience and I am definitely motivated to do it again. Although, I'm not so sure my honey will be joining me again ... he doesn't do mornings.

Happy creating everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!! Nice little haul there! Estate sales are fun!! I've been to one this morning and will be going back after lunch:D Love...LOVE... L O V E old stuff!!!!!!!!!!!