Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nothin' sweeter than a handmade mobile (except iced tea in the south)

Here's a quicky for ya.

I was lucky enough to get to spend a long weekend at a friend's GORGEOUS beach house last month. It was heavenly -- what a lovely getaway. The rule of the beach house is not to pay for your stay, but to get a little something for the house to add to its charm.

In true Jennifer fashion, I could not settle with the thought of giving them something store-bought ... this needed to be more from the heart. So, I collected several shells, a few branches of drift wood, and put it all together with some fishing line ...

TADA!! A lovely shell mobile to say thanks for such a great weekend. Funny side note -- as I was going to hang it up, it dropped to the ground. Eek. No one was with me, but from the other room I could hear "aaaawwwwhhh" -- the shock felt around the beach house! Nothing too bad resulted from the fall, so up it went. I loved it ... and my friends did too!

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Jennifer said...

what a nice idea, to have everyone contribute to the home...I love your mobile, and would have been honored to have one