Monday, April 07, 2008

Using what we found at Restore

We've managed to get one light up that we bought from Restore. We couldn't agree on where to place what, so Jeff's favorite ended up in the hallway. I do like the texture of the glass on this one. It reminds me of linen.

Next from Restore is the old metal cabinet I got to store a bunch of craft crap supplies. I really liked the original army green color, so I just sanded down some rust spots and lined the inside.

After that, I filled it up with supplies ... which surprisingly took no time at all. Isn't it always amazing how fast spaces can be filled with stuff?

**Side note -- I also re-potted my dying plant next to the cabinet. It's much happier in its new home ... plenty of room to grow.

Eek! Time for bed. Happy Monday y'all!

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Unknown said...

I need to make it to your house. It looks like it is a tour of sight-seeing in itself.