Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A cute baby shower craft

My friends threw me the loveliest baby shower recently. I am one lucky girl! There was delicious food (a sugar free dirt cake = YUM), tons of adorable presents, and a lots of love shared for Mr. Max.

My sweet friend and I brainstormed this baby shower craft after pouring over lots of images on Pinterest. My main desire was to have a craft that everyone could participate in (regardless of crafting level/confidence). I also wanted something that could be used a decoration in the nursery ... something that would remind me (and Max) of this lovely occassion and all the people who helped to celebrate it. This is what we ended up with ... a name plate.

(sorry for the poor lighting, but I just couldn't get a solid shot of the entire thing)

My friend covered a piece of thin foam core with the coolest fabric ever (it looks like the texture of wood). She then pre-cut blocks of paper, placed small grommets in each corner of the block, and wrote a letter on the back of each. And, in a stroke of pure brilliance, she made the first letter ("M") to provide a model of what to create. Then, each of my friends sat down to a gorgeous pile of crafting supplies (paper, stickers, glitter, glue) all matching the nursery theme of woodland creatures, and fashioned a letter of Max's name. After each letter was finished, we pressed small scrap-booking brads through the grommets and into the foam core. INSTANT LOVE.

I was overwhelmed with how crafty my friends are!! Each letter is adorable and unique. Here are a few close ups ...

I absolutely ADORE this little name plate. It hangs on the door to the nursery, and it makes me smile every time I look at (and TRUST, I have stared at this thing). Here's one final shot of me holding the finished sign at my shower. See that glow? Yeah, it's sheer happiness over how awesome this craft turned out!


Alicia said...

YAY! I am so glad you love!

Julia said...

or glow that you are having a baby !!!